Our Policy

The driving force of PCMS is predominantly one of professionalism and quality of service, which is based upon the proven skills of its people.

It is therefore the policy of PCMS to establish and maintain effective schemes for the approval and certification of management systems as well as the delivery of management system, under the auspices of Accreditation Bodies and requirements as recognized by the International Accreditation Forum.

PCMS is a living and dynamic entity relying upon the input from Accreditation Bodies, Clients, the Advisory Board and internal personnel to enable on-going improvement and relevance to all stakeholders.

Our Beliefs

We view Registration as Partnership. We establish everlasting relationships with our clients. We look at relationship with a client, as an investment of time and excellence, for a return of Quality. We believe, the value of registration is to, enhance the profitability of the clients serve as a continuous improvement tool for their company and meet and exceed their customer’s requirement.

Our Goal

PCMS train and utilize highly capable staff to provide valuable services to assist our Clients to achieve the international recognition and acceptance through the standards of quality management system.